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  1. The laughter challenge on Facebook sounds like fun I have liked your page Laughter is such a great healer. Yes it the thoughts we think and the words we speak and we also need to include listening to our heart and the whispers from it. 🙂

    • Thank you Suzie – I absolutely agree. My week will soon start with Laughter Yoga on a Monday morning and as usual I will end my week with my Inner Voice Meditation Group, which is based on what you say above, listening to the inner whispers. Thank you for your support.

  2. Wonderful blog, Miriam. I find the third thought even more effective if it’s worded “I am at ease in my body and I have ALL the time I need.” Try it out and see what you think 😉 That thinking affects the body does indeed seem like magic, but if you accept the principle of mind-body unity then that magic also makes perfect sense!
    And I love your laughter yoga challenge and have been participating each day – great fun, and definitely mood-enhancing!

    • I know that you and others like the sense of things , Imogen, and that’s why these approaches are so interesting, they make sense and they appear to work like magic. I see electricity and iPhones and a tap all as magic, of course they are explicable too!

  3. Wow! You know it really is powerful what we say to ourselves and how we talk to ourselves. I do notice that when I am feeling stressed for example, and I take a moment and stop to repeat a few times, I have plenty of time to finish all that I need to, and every time it works – and when I don’t, that is when I have issues meeting deadlines because I allow the stress to take over. Great post, thank you!

    • Thank you for commenting. Next month I will be doing a Self Esteem Booster over on Facebook and I hope to emphasise this idea of how we talk to ourselves! Hope you continue to enjoy breathing and pausing and being kind to yourself.

  4. Laughter Yoga sounds so interesting and like good fun. I am on my way over to your FB page to check it out now.
    I have been noticing the ways in which my thoughts connect to the health of my physical body fro some time now. It is so interesting to notice how quickly a physical state can alter. The thought that was planted and not a long standing belief has so much power.
    I enjoyed that. Thanks 🙂

  5. I loved reading about your Hogwarts days. 🙂 You shouldn’t have told us you were kidding! Laughter yoga sounds divine. Looking you up on FB right now!

  6. I know that when I approach Yoga with the thought “I’m not very good at this” my body is responding quite rapidly to prove me right! I’m going to practice giving myself better thoughts beforehand. Now Laughter Yoga sounds wonderful – just writing that makes me feel jollier! You are so right, of course – we give ourselves messages all day long that create tension, stress, negative anticipation. I’m going to use the one “I am at ease in my body” – I can feel it give me better instructions.

  7. This is such a great post! Yes, our thoughts affect our bodies…”dis-ease” is a true statement! I have liked your Facebook page and will check out the laughter yoga…sounds interesting!

  8. YUM!!! My favorite line: “Advanced magic makers don’t need to say the words out loud, their intention is the magic.” Oh yeah, baby!

  9. Hi Miriam,
    Am loving the blogs – keep them coming. I have now found a yoga class and a meditation class and really feeling the connection with you all in Derby! Trying to find and connect with my ‘patrona’ – probably a dolphin I think….

  10. I love how good laughing makes me feel. That’s one of the things I love about my relationship with Chaz – we laugh. Just last night something a newscaster said wrong triggered us and we were crying with laughter. I quite like the idea of intentionally laughing though 🙂 Also language is POWERFUL. Some thing people say here is I get to do…. That’s another good switch from I have to.

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