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Hello and welcome. I am a psychotherapist with over 30 years experience.  I specialise in guiding women to find their unique identity, to trust and accept themselves and to manage any difficult symptoms. Many of my clients in life’s transitions are exploring their sexuality, finding their voice, experiencing the end of relationships. Midlife and menopause can provide a pause and a space to evaluate, to change direction, or to grieve the losses and lack of fulfilment. 

My work is to support people to live happier and more fulfilled lives through understanding themselves with intelligent compassion and acceptance. Central to my practice is my commitment to diversity acceptance. I have undertaken additional training in working with LGBTQIA+ clients, in appreciating the impact of racism on my client’s bodies and psyche, for example. I have created training for therapists on sexuality and sexual diversity, and support groups for chronic health conditions, lesbian heartbreak, menopause and confidence to name just a few.

I work with a focus on the client’s inner voice and inner oppression with an understanding of the social context and history that has led to this. Having worked in student wellbeing at Sheffield Hallam University has given me increased experience of and appreciation of working with neuro-diversity. 

I founded Blue Skies in 1990. I have offered individual sessions, couples and groups sessions, tutoring and training workshops in the UK and abroad. My approach is humanistic and transpersonal arising from extensive training and experience. Take a look at my experience as a psychotherapist, supervisor, coach, university lecturer and trainer (see more of my history under Miriam Grace).

For those wishing to deepen their understanding of themselves, their relationships, or their clinical practice: You can explore what is on offer to help you located under “Here for you: Work with Miriam” below. Or go directly to Book your course / session, email me personally or sign up for my newsletter.

Group work can be powerful and affirming and cheaper than individual sessions. I have two groups on offer at the moment:
• Nourish and Nuture October – March is suitable for women who are experiencing health challenges, mid-life experiences, and want to develop their own voice and self awareness and increase their practise of self care. This is not therapy. It is suitable for those who have had therapy.
• Women In Love (Lesbian edition) starts in May on Wednesday evenings and will run for 8 sessions. Group therapy for women of all ages wishing to understand how their romantic relationships with women differ from heterosexual experiences and who may be finding guidance and literature for this topic limited or unhelpful.
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Nourish & Nurture  –  currently running


Your commitment is to YOURSELF and you commit to listen to yourself.

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 Imagine getting a thought for the day each morning that you could reflect on and journal about. And imagine that the thoughts are themed and working towards a deeper self trust and personal development. Sounds good, right? Now imagine that you can comment and chat in a PRIVATE membership only facebook group with others on the same course, working towards similar aims. The icing on the cake would be to meet up weekly for an hour at a campfire and support each other and share our struggles and triumphs each week, wouldn’t it? Such a course would be ideal over the harder months of the year, and it would be good if you didn’t have to do any of it or could do all of it, and if you could join from anywhere in the world.

This is exactly what I would’ve wanted and what I’ve created for those who need it.

Running for its FIFTH year from the end of October until March, this popular group also has a range of affordable fees.

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Women In Love – a unique psychology



APRIL 2023

Queering Gestalt Therapy click here

by Ayhan Alman (Editor), John Gillespie (Editor), Vikram Kolmannskog (Editor)

Chapter 6 by Miriam Grace

published by Routledge
Available from Routledge and Amazon


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