Hi-jacked by Fear — 7 Comments

  1. I can relate to this. I have many doubting voices in my head at any given time. But I also have lots of good voices that kick in, too. I believe these voices are there for a reason and use them accordingly.

    • Sub-peronalities aren’t all negative and doubting, they are just parts of us with qualities and needs, with strengths and abilities and reason for being. So it’s more about knowing who they are and what they want. They always want something they believe is good for us and so we have to listen and understand and think about it. My inner child might think the freedom to eat chocolate all day long is a wonderful thing, the quality here is freedom and choice and I can help that part of me see I have freedom and choice without necessarily eating the chocolate. Hope that makes sense? Sometimes our sub personalties are really clever and come up with great ideas, I have a Wise Woman and a Professor among others…

  2. yes i think we can make fear our friend and remind ourselves that out of fear come love, so we need to push the boundaries so we allow out hearts to move into love.
    I know fear stops me , has the brakes on and when i let go and embrace the power with in, then i maybe can make fear my friend
    thanks – you got me thinking ♡

  3. I agree with Louise! Finding fun names to identify these parts of us is a great way to begin to remove the fear. There are just so many, lol!

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