Miriam's Wednesday Breakfast Blog with Julie Creffield & The Fat Girls Guide to Running — 7 Comments

  1. This is an outstanding project! I’ve struggled all my life with weight and never felt my weight was right. I’m a big proponent of exercise – for everyone – and what I love about Zumba is the diversity of shape and size among the members. I am not going to be a runner (my knees aren’t up to it) but I can imagine the power and potential released by women claiming their right to run no matter what their size. As an aside, in my blog this week, which is about labels and what they imply, I mention how the word “fat” is being used as a descriptive term rather than an insult. So it was interesting to see the word here in a powerful way.
    Thanks for a wonderful interview, and thank you, Julie, for your amazing project.

  2. What a great project. I think that my ah-ha was “that it’s not your body that is letting you down, it’s your mind. Its is your mind that runs a marathon, your trainers come along for the ride, and your body pays the price in the aftermath.” I think that that sentiment can be applied to so many parts of life.

  3. This is great and I love Julie’s project! I run and I am certainly not at my ideal weight. I am larger compared to the “typical” runner, but I do it anyway. I love it when I am participating in races (5K up to whole marathons) and I see other “large” gals. We all seem to be having more fun than everyone else! 🙂 We should all just go do those things that may seem impossible. If you have the desire, that is a start!

  4. What a very inspiring interview, I was also at the Hayhouse writing course weekend, im also a Mother of 5 & nearer 50 than 40! I have a 2 year old & am struggling since having my last baby two years ago to get the weight off, as I did after having twins 16 years ago & find that running is very good at calorie burning, iv started running again at week 10 after my total abdominal hysterectomy – we had a bereavement & find that running sorts my head out, it gives me the feel good factor! Everyone thinks im crazy running after such major surgery & to be honest the first two times I ran, I felt completely exhausted but I pushed on, Julie is right, your mind runs – your trainers do go along for the ride, I feel a bit like Forrest Gump, my mind feels so free & have clarity of mind when running, good for you Julie, thank you for sharing your journey. Love n twinkles xxx

  5. Miriam! This is so inspirational. I loved it when Julie said it’s not your body that’s letting you down, it’s your mind. So true. Oh, the things we tell ourselves. Thanks for sharing this interview with us.

  6. Hey guys, thanks for all the amazing comments. I’m glad you can relate to what I am trying to do. Please help share the message. I run a monthly virtual 5k called onebigfatrun on the last Sunday of each month. It’s free to enter and I have a dream if reaching 1 million overweight runners!! The easiest way to stay in touch and share events is via you may not be overweight or interested in running but someone you know might!!

  7. thats great and what an inspiration to people who feel that due to their weight they are blocked or prevented from running/jogging etc…… Its good when people share their stories like this.

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