Pause Gently: Hold Lightly — 9 Comments

  1. My favorite part of this post: “Change is not the goal, noticing, awareness is.” In working with my clients (and in noticing my old patterns of the past), I have seen time and again, people being so focused on “the change” that they are actually unaware of what is happening RIGHT NOW. Thank you for sharing that Gestalt theory as it reminded me of the power of awareness.

  2. Thank you, Angie, I agree. If people are focussed on changing themselves as opposed to noticing and accepting themselves, then this most often comes from an old mind set that they will be OK when they have done X, Y and Z rather than remembering they are OK right now!

  3. I love that you wrote that sometimes we have certain emotions and sometimes the emotions have us. That is so true and so powerful if we do take the time to pause and breathe and then choose. We are in charge of our thoughts, actions, and reactions!

  4. “Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Carl Jung.
    I also don’t want to live a life where I have no choice and so I feel I must apply myself diligently to the pause in order to be choiceful rather than a victim of the tides of emotions and habits.
    Thank you big sis. Very eloquent and lucid.

  5. This is an excellent post and it’s truly timely. I know I often react without thinking. Pausing is such a good way to think about it because I was always thinking “I need some time to think about that,” as if there was a special time in my day where I was just going to think about all those things. Pausing gives me access to those moments that are already there. Thanks for the idea!

  6. Ooh I love the energy of your post thank-you 🙂 I am using that pause now…. I am one of those people that need a pause button as I am quite active and like doing all the time. I love taking time to pause and I am going to stick up some of your “pause button” ideas around the house. Thank-you for sharing this wonderful technique!!

  7. What a beautiful post and thank you for the reminder. It’s not always easy to stop and think when you’re busy with work, family, house, etc.etc. but I totally hear the reminder in this post – thank you 🙂

  8. “And how can you take action to direct your life? Do nothing, stop, pause, connect, be fully aware. Learning the pause is not always easy. Sometimes it is very hard to let go of that reaction or of our identity held within a response…”
    This makes me think of my Montessori classroom and how important it is to observe, and “do nothing”. This article made me realize, though, that I get away from this at times, especially when a child gets hurried, frustrated, rushing to ask for assistance. I need to continue to be there, but be quiet, observant, and allow the child to settle and listen to herself. That won’t happen unless I master “do nothing”. And I need to extend this into other areas of my life as well…..

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