Meaningful Connection — 5 Comments

  1. Great blog, Miriam. This line in particular stood out for me, ” It is essential to stop and think…” – you could be talking about the Alexander Technique! I think we’ll be exploring this much more in our workshop on the 10th! Can’t wait!

  2. Great Miriam! A really good precis of Elinor’s workshop. I love the idea of the scarf between people to learn different contact styles. X

  3. I love the way you write in such a nuanced and lively way. I learned something important from your descriptions of contact styles, the blue line and the scarf exercise. I forget sometimes how important it is to actually find a way to literally embody a concept while teaching it. It was delightful to have you as a friend and as a participant in my workshop and now also as a teacher. ❤

  4. Fabulous blog Miriam – like Imogen it remined me of the AT pause. You go to more workshops than anyone I know xxx

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