The Way of Imperfection — 6 Comments

  1. I’ve been quite imperfect this week, so I read this post with recognition. I agree with all you say, although I will add that it’s easy to say “you choose how to act” (in response to comfortable or uncomfortable feelings) but that take learning and time as well. I’ve come to have great acceptance and compassion for how long genuine learning and change have. I treasure the gift of staying humble, about myself and others.

    • Glad to be among other imperfect people on this earth! Thank you for commenting. I agree it’s not always easy to choose our behaviour. This is when I talk about whether we have our feelings or whether our feelings have us. It’s a constant attention to or rather return to awareness that helps us steer ourselves rather than be steered, and not easy, agreed. I write more about this struggle in my blog “Pause Gently, Hold Lightly

  2. Hello Miriam! I, too, am practicing being more comfortable with all of my various imperfections and allowing others to have theirs as well. One way which you touched on is to love all the feelings, thoughts, and emotions that are “not helpful” ones. I’m seeing they begin to transform this way. Thank you for your post today! It’s encouraged me to live my life in the imperfection that it is!

    • Yes, I have learned that we need to engage with and dialogue with and respond to our whole selves. All is part of the learning. And the real transformation is not perfecting ourselves, but loving ourselves as we are – that’s amazing progress! Glad your enjoyed and thank you for commenting.

  3. It really does come down to whether we react or act upon our feelings. Reacting is usually the wrong approach, but so easy to do! Acting implies thinking about and deliberately responding to situations. When it comes to our feelings, we need to act up on them not react to them — but that takes some practice!

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