We are given so many messages from the beginning of our life about who we should be, how we should feel, what we should want, it can be confusing and difficult at times when we may feel that who were are inside doesn’t match the expectations of the world around us. One of those difficult times maybe letting ourselves discover our sexuality, which Miriam believes is actually as unique as each person is unique.

Our desire to belong, to fit in to groups may compete with who we really are. For some people, being open about their sexuality can result in rejection from their family or social group. Some people find that their sexuality changes through life but the world seems to insist on a loyalty to staying the same. Sadly this aspect of our humaness which should give us a lot of happiness, and which can help us to bond and become close with another, can cause a lot of sadness, rejection and pain. Get help now or read on.

It is important to find someone you can talk to who will not judge you but help you unfold your uniqueness. Whether it is coming to terms with your own level of sexual desire, or your preference for a same gendered partner, the impact of illness, injury or trauma or a clash in your relationship dynamics, acceptance is usually a good place to start. In therapy you can explore what you feel blocks you from either knowing who you are or even when you know, what stops you from expressing who you are.

Your difficulties may also be helped by relationship counselling or be rooted in fears from childhood (see abuse). If you want to talk about these issues, contact Miriam at Blue Skies.

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