One size does not fit all and that’s why nationwide programs and self help books don’t always meet a woman’s unique needs. Besides which menopause and midlife is a changing and variable process, which evolves over a period of time. You don’t need to try and match your experience to the right approach, I can match and flex approaches to meet your changing experience. I’ve completed 3 full therapy trainings meaning I’m qualified as a therapist three times over, and I’ve been reading, interviewing and researching women’s experiences of midlife for 8 years.

I prefer to use the term ‘mid-life’ because I work with the psychological, situational and existential processes of midlife. Of course many of the emotional symptoms are menopause based and intrinsically linked to bodily and hormonal changes.

MenoPAUSE is an opportunity but it can also be deeply unsettling and many women appreciate the support of a therapist or a therapist led small group.