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Each page will go live on the date it is due. To allow maximum flexibility and responsivity to the group, some of the order of topics or emphasis may change to meet needs as we go along.

Preparation click here from October 7th    Greetings and joining information  – now available!

Week One: The Main Thing   12/10/19 – now available!

Week Two: To Feel Better or to Better Feel? : Lessons of the Season    19/10/19 – now available!

Week Three: The Calm Body – Turning a Tanker  26/10/19 – now available!

Week Four: Planning  – The 3-2-1 Method  2/11/19– now available!

Week Five: Planning for Christmas – testing our strategies 9/11/19


Week Six: One – to – One Week 16 /11/19

This week we will be focusing on our individual coaching plans and having one to one tutorials.

Week Seven: Windows of Wisdom    23/11/19

Week Eight: Scrooge’s Christmas review    30/11/19

Week Nine:  Letter to Mother / Father Christmas / Yule / Goddess of the Moon etc. 7/12/19

Week Ten:  Peace and Goodwill – giving and receiving 14/12/19

Course End: Winter Solstice 21st December 2019

Although it is likely that the group will remain open for the exchange of greetings and parting words.


Life After Love: Tending to a sore heart

Designed for those post- divorce / relationship break-up, this new group will begin towards the end of January to co-incide with Valentine’s Day. It is hoped there will be an associated pamper day. Details to follow.