Wellbeing Summer School        with Miriam Grace Granthier


Focus on Love                  Thursday 13th August 

Is your heart aching? Are you struggling with feeling unloved? Do you feel hurt, angry or lonely?

Miriam’s day is focused on heart healing, self care and self love so that you can trust your heart again and learn to give love and let love in more. The day will include discussion, relaxation, reflection and journaling exercises as well as a small amount of teaching.


Focus on Happiness       Friday 21st August

Are you keen to banish your woes and low mood? Are you ready to experience happiness within you? This day of laughter and joy is the best antidote to brooding and sadness. We will look at unconditional happiness, the idea that we don’t need to wait for the right conditions to be happy. Using Laughter Yoga, body work, discussion and meditation we will explore joy, contentment, and living in the moment.


Focus on Peace                 Friday 28th August  

Anxiety and stress are the biggest causes of illness in the UK. There is so much that can be done to help this. With mindful meditation, discussion about how to switch off anxiety, and exercises to show you just how easy peacefulness is. We will explore relaxation, gratitude and how to manage your worries. We will focus on STOPPING and pausing and breathing. This day will also provide some handouts for maintaining your progress after the workshop.


Focus on Power             Saturday 29th August

Do you wish you were more confident? Knew what to do? Could say, ‘no’? Could say, ‘yes’? Do you feel as if you are bottom of the pile, not listened to and unsuccessful? This day is all about looking realistically at your skills and talents and anchoring your confidence in your mind and body. We will use self hypnosis, relaxation, confidence building exercises to help you remember how great you already are and how capable you are of achieving. We will practice being true to yourself and communicating this to others. The objective of the day is to feel great about living in your own skin. This is more than a self-esteem boost, it’s about finding realistic and sustainable confidence in your self that you can access at any time.


Each day is from 9.30 – 2pm and costs £55 individually

2 days for £100, 3 for £145 and all four for £190


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