Time to think of ourselves

When I ask my clients what they want from psychotherapy, a lot of them say, ‘peace’. I think that being comfortable in your own skin, being at peace with yourself, is not just desirable but possible. To do this together, you and I need to spend time to get to know you, how you ‘tick’, what you already do to find your balance and what your particular triggers are for setting you at odds.

The most important aspect of therapy is to be able to form a relationship based on trust. A good supportive, non judgmental and empathic relationship is not just the basis, but is also the work itself. If therapist and client can communicate and work together with respect, then the healing takes place through this experience as well as examining the problems a client brings.

The support of psychotherapy provides a reflective space to connect with who you are, what you need and to develop the skills necessary to move forward in your chosen direction. To find your own personal clarity it important to find a therapist who can listen to and understand your experience and to explore repeated themes in your life.

Every client is different and some may come for therapy long term and others for focussed short term work. Some clients benefit from cognitive processing (examining thoughts), others from body work or dialoguing, and others by listening to their inner voice, many benefit from a combination of approaches. Each client is unique and so will help devise the therapy that is most appropriate for their needs and their personality. Therapy is a collaborative, you decide what outcomes you are looking for and I will offer my experience, and knowledge to suggest ways we might work towards those outcomes. We will find a unique therapy approach to suit you.

I work with relationships, anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, sexuality and life transitions among other things and have undertaken training in four different modalities over the years as well as additional specialist training in working with LGBTQI* clients and working with grief and loss. I have been in practice for 30 years and love my work with individuals, couples, groups.

If you are considering therapy, this is an important time in your life and therapy may be a step you need to take. Consider if now it is time for you, time to move forward.

What’s available currently?

At the end of this year I will be in Draycott monthly for a day at The Elephant Rooms or in West Sheffield for a day month. In these sessions we can look at what is most appropriate for you and what I can offer or what other services are best suited to your needs. You can also work with me online. See also excellent reviews for my online courses which you can join from anywhere in world and at any time to suit you. 

Psychotherapy is best done in weekly sessions where there is opportunity to continue in an open ended contract and this is not available with me currently.  

My new style sessions take account of my limited availability and are particularly suited to those who have completed therapy and who would like some dedicated space to reflect, process and gain support for their continued post-therapy progress. It is also suitable for those who would like a deeper or more spiritual style of coaching or for those not in crisis or major transition but wishing for ‘me-time’ and personal growth.

75 minute sessions (which includes 55 minutes of therapeutic listening / coaching and two ten minute sessions of quiet reflection and / or guided meditation) are available once a month on a Monday at The Elephant Rooms.

Also available are 90 minute supervision sessions for professional supervision.

The Elephant Rooms – Second Monday of the Month

October 14th Fully Booked

November 11th Fully Booked

December 9th Fully Booked

January 13th 3 places remaining

February 10th 3 places remaining

March 9th Booking Soon


Sheffield (in person or online)  – First Friday of the Month

November 1st  Booking open

December 6th  Bookings opening soon


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Group Therapy

Group Therapy is not available at the moment. Register your interest in a therapy group by emailing me with your contact details. Click here. 


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