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“In the first week I have already learnt so much about myself.
The content is delivered daily, there are discussions, task to do, things to reflect on. The facilitator will answer questions and help you through any difficulties. I have spent hours on this and it only cost me £15 for a week! I cannot recommend this highly enough. The facilitator is the best I have ever worked with.”


Miriam’s unique coaching approach uses her own Heart – Head – Hand Method © of ‘joined up thinking’

Heart-Head-Hand encourages connection with one’s heart centre in order to fuel thinking, planning and actions with authentic direction and energy. Materials include videos, audio recordings, meditations, exercises and worksheets. In daily threads in a private group and with some live sessions and one to one opportunities, participants journal, meditate, discuss, plan and take action to live their lives.

Currently Running:

Coach Yourself Calm for Christmas – 70 day course

4 places remaining with 50% discount if you join now.

With an awareness of seasonal mood and health challenges, this daily, online course guides you over 70 days, through the autumn and winter, enabling you to use the prompts of the season to allow yourself to ‘lean into’ necessary emotions and process of letting and to build resilience for the challenges expected by society as we approach Christmas. See below

“I found myself waiting for the next day’s material like an excited child waiting to open the next advent calendar door…”

Coming Soon:

Life After Love: Healing your heart after your relationship ends

Starts January 2020 (70 days including Valentine’s Day)



Miriam’s beautiful and unique relaxation encourages peace and healing for sore hearts

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“…a welcoming, gentle but effective experience…”

Coach Yourself Calm for Christmas

Habits begun in September will stick and see us through the winter. Don’t leave it to chance. This inspirational ten week course supports you to turn your life around. You are guided to follow the wisdom of the season, letting go of the old and returning to your core, to nurture, replenish and strengthen yourself with habits that come from your deepest soul needs and to attend to your physical and mental health priorities.

This is not simply about preparing for winter, it’s a time to do quiet, ground-breaking reflections, to instigate new behaviours in direct response to that which will change the way you experience your life. This isn’t a dramatic, “drive yourself, overcome yourself, make yourself change!” venture that will crash and burn a few weeks down the road. This is a gentle, compassionate, long-term commitment to self-respect and attunement to yourself and the life you are living.

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What do participants say?

“I didn’t really know what to expect from an online ‘ therapy coaching’ course but I needn’t have been concerned. As week one progressed I found myself waiting for the next day’s material like an excited child waiting to open the next advent calendar door, a day or more early. This warmly challenging course is well designed and put together. Most importantly it’s backed up by Miriam Grace, whose 30 years experience of being a professional psychotherapist shines through. Her wisdom, insight, and knowledge all form part of the support and feedback she gives participants. For me this is a welcoming, gentle but effective experience, with a great group of participants. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it to anyone.”

Who is it for?

This is especially designed for people who want to continue their personal growth and take responsibility for their life directions. It is particularly suited to those who would find regular therapy or coaching either too expensive at present or difficult to attend regularly and who might have varying amounts of free time or work shifts and those who do not live near enough to attend in person. It does not take the place of therapy, rather it supports you to care for yourself. (Some issues may be more suitable for therapy, if you are not sure, email Miriam to discuss.)

You may be a teacher looking for a structure to help you manage this busy term successfully. Maybe you are someone who finds the onset of winter difficult in terms of mood and functioning. You may have experienced an unhappy or unsatisfying Christmas recently and have a desire to make this one different.

You don’t need to celebrate Christmas to make use of this course. We are simply using the 25th of December as a goal end. To help us visualise the path between October 12 And December 25.

As the course is designed so that you can take as much or as little as suits you and contribute when you wish, it is suited to introverts who enjoy and need contact, but on their own terms.

What is its aim?

Do you have your feelings? Or do your feelings have you?

The difference is in behaviour. If we can learn to have our feelings but not let them control our actions and our behaviour, then we are free, we can choose. Befriend yourself this term and listen to your innate wisdom.

In this course we will be learning and practising usual coaching strategies such as setting smart goals and learning from success and failure.  We take coaching deeper through personal exercises which are designed it to tune into our heart’s desire or our soul’s song. The reason so many of our goals and desires are not fulfilled is because they were never truly our calling. The emphasis on this course is discovering goals that will can fulfil easily and that bring satisfaction.

Central to this term’s focus is the management of anxiety and pacing our stressors so that we arrive in December feeling calm and well and able to enjoy reaching this year’s finishing line.

What will I get?

  • 10 weeks materials – explanation video, meditation audio or video and worksheets each week. Each week has a theme which we will explore, either on your own or in the group. There will be suggestions and tips for new behaviours and meditations to help you fine tune the coaching to what is right for you.
  • 5 days a week – closed group discussion. There will be daily prompts for intalling new habits and discussion of the week’s themes and tasks for ten weeks in a private Facebook group (maximum 12 members).
  • Live Question and Answer sessions (catch up recordings available) with Miriam
  • Sign up NOW and your personal one-to-one session will be included FREE
  • Discount voucher for next term for all who sign up this term

How much is it?

The usual price is £300 for the term.

The Special Price is £150 including an additional £75 voucher off a future coaching group!

= 10 weeks’ daily support for the same price as 2 therapy or coaching sessions!

=  just £15 a week to keep you on track through a challenging three months!

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