I am currently running a programme of 3 groups during the year:

Nourish and Nurture runs October – March   There is often a free taster week in September.

Life After Love usually runs April – September  This year it is running as a specialist one month intensive in April and again in September.

Mid-Life Awakening runs as a distance learning course with one-to-one tutoring and you complete it in your own timescale (there are ten modules so allow 6  – 24 months).




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Four Week Therapy Group:
Daily journalling tasks and reflections.
Weekly Zoom Therapy Group.
Personal assessment session & follow up session with Miriam
Running daily throughout April with Zoom Group on a Wednesday Evening 7 – 9 pm.

New in 2021:
This April’s group is exclusively for women recovering from romantic relationships with women.
If you don’t fit this category I hope to run it for all in September, if there is enough demand,
so do let me know if you want to be on the waiting list.

Miriam’s beautiful and unique relaxation encourages peace and healing for sore hearts

Sign up to my mailing list on the link above and receive a free meditation for heart healing. There is no obligation to join the course in April and you can unsubscribe at anytime. I am experienced in working with couples and have also received additional training in working with couples and working with LGBTQI clients.

“…a welcoming, gentle but effective experience…”



Nourish & Nurture – Winter Women’s Group
2021 – 2022 Third Year Running

Join from anywhere in the world, at any time of day, to have daily coaching with Miriam in a small group
This hugely popular course is running yet again October 2021 – March 2022

Please see this short video (switch sound on)

“In the first week I have already learnt so much about myself.
The content is delivered daily, there are discussions, task to do, things to reflect on. The facilitator will answer questions and help you through any difficulties. I have spent hours on this and it only cost me £15 for a week! I cannot recommend this highly enough. The facilitator is the best I have ever worked with.”   

A.L. Lancing, UK

Registration opens September 26th

Imagine a Thought for the Day. Imagine that being enhanced by being in a group where you can discuss your reflections, where you can watch presentations, read poetry, join meditations and join a weekly Zoom meeting. Imagine feeling supported and encouraged to spend a few minutes a day, quietly reflecting and journalling.
Imagine those Thought for the Days building upon each other within themes, over weeks and months, to help you nurture your body, nourish your soul and feel your feelings. Imagine learning more about yourself, and developing your self compassion, to help you face the winter blues.
That’s what I imagined and turned it into my creation of Nourish & Nurture in 2019.

A 2 minute presentation about my free Taster Week  can be found here.




Nourish and Nurture

With an awareness of seasonal mood and health challenges, this daily, online course guides you over 160 days, through the autumn and winter, enabling you to use the prompts of the season to allow yourself to ‘lean into’ necessary emotions and process of letting and to build resilience for the challenges expected by society as we approach Christmas and restore ourselves for spring. As the course is designed so that you can take as much or as little as suits you and contribute when you wish.


Nourish and Nurture (other courses are below)

5 month daily online course October 2021 – March 2022

End the year with this compassionate approach to the winter blues.

This inspirational course supports you to turn your life around. You are guided to follow the wisdom of the season, letting go of the old and returning to your core, to nurture, replenish and strengthen yourself with habits that come from your deepest soul needs and to attend to your physical and mental health priorities.

This is not simply about preparing for winter, it’s a time to do quiet, ground-breaking reflections, to instigate new behaviours in direct response to that which will change the way you experience your life. This isn’t a dramatic, “drive yourself, overcome yourself, make yourself change!” venture that will crash and burn a few weeks down the road. This is a gentle, compassionate, long-term commitment to self-respect and attunement to yourself and the life you are living. A central focus is the management of mood and pacing stressors so that we arrive into 2021 and springtime, feeling calm and well.

What do participants say?

“I didn’t really know what to expect from an online ‘ therapeutic coaching’ course but I needn’t have been concerned. As week one progressed I found myself waiting for the next day’s material like an excited child waiting to open the next advent calendar door, a day or more early. This warmly challenging course is well designed and put together. Most importantly it’s backed up by Miriam Grace, whose 30 years experience of being a professional psychotherapist shines through. Her wisdom, insight, and knowledge all form part of the support and feedback she gives participants. For me this is a welcoming, gentle but effective experience, with a great group of participants. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it to anyone.”

What will I get?

  • 23 weeks materials – explanation video, meditation audio or video and worksheets.  Each week has a theme to explore, either on your own or in the group. There will be exercises and meditations to help you fine tune the coaching to what is right for you.
  • 5 days a week – closed group discussion. There are daily prompts for installing new habits and discussion of the week’s themes in a private Facebook group (maximum 12 members).
  • 19 Live Zoom sessions (catch up recordings available) with Miriam
  • personal one-to-one sessions will be available at an additional fee.
  • 4 ‘Creative Void’ Weeks
    4 weeks are pause/ review/ catch up/ consolidation or rest weeks depending on your personal need (two weeks at Christmas). Silence and pacing are part of the course. Reflections, journalling exercises and reading will still be offered daily during these weeks to support your inner work.


Please contact me privately if you would like to be a group member but cannot afford the full fees.
A previous participant has donated £100 bursary to help those who live on disability benefits afford this course. This may be divided between two applicants or used to help one course member.
Please apply early for this to avoid disappointment.


Taster Week donation based, pay as you feel – no obligation trial

October 4th onward:
Registration Fee £25 – includes a personal conversation with Miriam

October 12th:
£62 per month
(5 further payments of £62 due: November 12th; December 12th; January 12th; February 12th; March 12th).

or £355 one off payment

One off personal sessions are available should you wish £45 for 45 minutes
Participants who pay for the whole course receive a £20 voucher towards a one to one session

Register Now: Nourish and Nurture
(Course runs October 19th for 23 weeks)




Mid-Life Awakening

Online course based on the book ‘Life Awakening’ by Miriam Grace

This course is similar to an old fashioned correspondence course where you go at your own pace, module by module, enhanced with modern possibilities of recordings, video calls and online resources.

The book came from the course I wrote in 2013 and first ran in 2014. I will take you through a creative exploration of the self, remembering, re-writing, restoring and re-imagining yourself and your life.

‘Thank you to Life Awakening for this very much appreciated wake up call, I now feel awake to life and feel much more in tune with myself and those around me.’

‘As a seeker and course participant, I certainly woke up to my huge potential as a person. Each step brought something new and precious to my understanding of my life both past, present and future.’

‘Exploring my ‘real’ self has led me to increased self-acceptance and feeling more me.’



Heart – Head – Hand Coaching Method © with Miriam Grace

Miriam’s unique coaching approach uses her own Heart – Head – Hand Method © of ‘joined up thinking’. Especially designed for people who want to continue their personal growth and take responsibility for their life directions, it is particularly suited to those who may have completed their personal therapy; who might have varying amounts of free time, work shifts or budget limitations; and for those who do not live near enough to attend in person.

It does not take the place of therapy, rather it supports you to care for yourself. (Some issues may be more suitable for therapy, if you are not sure, email Miriam to discuss.)

Heart – Head – Hand Method © encourages connection with one’s heart centre in order to fuel thinking, planning and actions with authentic direction and energy. Materials include videos, audio recordings, meditations, exercises and worksheets. In daily threads in a private group and with some live sessions and one to one opportunities, participants journal, meditate, discuss, plan and take action to live their lives.