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Welcome to my Nourish and Nurture seasonal coaching group, primarily aimed at helping you through the darker and colder months and keeping your well-being as supported as possible.

The course allows for everyone’s personal pace and while there is an abundance of material here and plenty of ideas and exercises, you can do what is helpful and no more. I don’t want this to become a task for you, I want it to become a habit to talk with and hang out with yourself. This course is about compassionate intelligence and intelligent compassion.

The main outcome will be increased attunement to yourself, your needs and your inner wisdom.

The structure of the course uses a variety of creative and logical exercises to help you do this. I call it joined up thinking. Ease into the process and gently, step by step, you will find you are already there.


Treat yourself and prepare

You have invested in this taster week, which is a treat in itself.

You may enjoy having a nice notebook and pen, sketch pad and coloured pencils.

The real luxury is to have a quiet space where you can spend time each day reflecting. Whether it’s ten minutes or half an hour, this is the aspect of the course that I think makes the MOST difference.

You also need a facebook account to participate in the group. If you don’t already have a facebook profile, you can make one (and this profile can be as anonymous as you wish) just for this group and then leave at the end of the course.



Joined up thinking 

Time with yourself

meditations – journalling – creative exercises

There is no point in striving to be who you are not. Pushing against yourself, or nature, won’t work. The reflective part of this course works with your self and alongside ‘what is’.  You won’t be  pushing yourselves to meet anyone else’s plan, you won’t be trying to ‘make the grade’. You are working with what you have and this part of the course is to talk and listen to your inner wise woman/wise man.

Time with others

group discussion – lists – reminders – planning

After you have consulted your inner wisdom you will begin to write The Plan. The planning part of the work uses thinking strategies, learning and discussion. Within a closed, private Facebook group, discussions will take place. By consulting your inner voice in private time and then using coaching ideas and strategies with others, you can look sensibly at the data you have collected over your lifetime in order to create a realistic plan. A 1-2-1 session with me will also help create your unique plan. The plan takes a written form and over the weeks we will look at how this can be built into your day/week/year. We will be creating powerful visualisations, slogans and mantras to help focus your thinking so that you can respond to life‘s prompts with action that keeps you on track with your deepest directions.

Connecting and engaging with the world and your life


habits – routine – action

The daily ‘habit thread’ is all about putting the plan into action. Initially as you are feeling and thinking about the plan we will be focusing on one habit only: the habit of feeling and thinking each day. You will learn how to do deep feeling and deep thinking, as well as micro feeling/micro thinking, and most importantly you will be successfully installing this habit into a daily routine from day one for 70 days. As the course continues the plan will give rise to other habits that others in the group may or may not choose to be their priorities. The core habit of consulting the wise woman/man will enable further habit installation and the group habit thread will encourage and help you “make it so“.


You can see how all three stages of this process are necessary to have good meals. If we don’t connect with our feelings, memories and desires and the chances of those meals getting cooked are not very high. If it is someone else’s menu, we might not eat it. If we don’t plan well, even if we really want that meal, when it comes to preparing it and we don’t have the ingredients it can’t happen. And finally wanting food, planning the food it’s no use without taking action. We need to take the action of buying the ingredients and even then the ingredients are no use to us if they just sit in the cupboard. If we don’t go back to the basics of checking what we want, then we simply eat mindlessly whatever is habit or near to hand. We all deserve better than mindless eating and this applies to other parts of our lives too.

For the next 6 months we have the opportunity to plan for Spring 2021, but we will pay equal attention to the feeling and action parts of the process.


Heart – Head – Hand


We really need to be aware of what our feelings are. For example, say we are feeling lonely, cooking a casserole might not be as satisfying as visiting a friend. If we need a cry, eating a doughnut will only provide temporary relief. If what I want is not understood by myself and is misinterpreted as something else then it doesn’t matter how many times I hit my so-called goal, I will remain unsatisfied.


Structure for group participation

Saturday: you will receive an email with the week’s topic, this will usually be in video and written form. You will also receive the topic for Sunday’s meditation. Sometimes this will be an audio or video link, sometimes written.

Monday to Friday: each day there will be a habit thread. This is for celebrating achievements in your habit installation and reviewing the factors that are making it work. By Christmas this habit will installed and you will then move into creating your life plan in the new year because of the habitual daily presence of your inner wise woman / man and the ability to be heart centred in your thinking is fully established.

Each day there will be a heart centred thread. This might be a thought for the day, or a place that you can share what arises from Sunday’s meditation.

Working on your own
What works for you will vary from participant participant so this is not a prescribed part of the course. As a general starting place, some might like to set aside time each day to journal, think and reflect. The journal can be your heart centred space, or your list making/planning space or a combination of the two. You might like to record your actions and successes here as well. Part of the course will be tweaking how are you best relate to yourself.

Subject: Guidelines for group participation  

Guidelines for group participation.

Be kind and do not criticise.

Join in as much or as little as it’s right for you.

Never discuss or disclose anything from within the group to anyone outside the group.

No politics, no sales, no religion.

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