Testimonials from the

Life Awakening with the

Human Trinity Principles Course


‘Thank you to Life Awakening for this very much appreciated wake up call, I now feel awake to life and feel much more in tune with myself and those around me.’

‘Sometimes I wished I had a magic wand but this was the next best thing.’

‘Although I was cynical, I have taken so much away from it.’

I know all this work will help in daily living through the whole of my life.’

‘I feel I can breathe!’

‘Relieved that life is not as tough as I thought  it was.’

‘A sense of peace and acceptance of myself and others!’

‘Before starting the course, I had never given my body or spirit any thought, I lived in my head! I didn’t appreciate myself, and struggled with self acceptance.

Since encompassing mind-body-spirit I feel that my self awareness has grown, and I can now show myself more compassion and gratitude for the amazing things that my mind, body and spirit do!’

‘This has been an awakening for me, and a great start to my journey of self acceptance – I am definitely well on my way.’

‘As a seeker and course participant, I certainly woke up to my huge potential as a person. Each step brought something new and precious to my understanding of my life both past, present and future.’

‘Exploring my ‘real’ self has led me to increased self-acceptance and feeling more me.’

Why am I here, what’s it all about?  Now I know the answers!’

‘So that’s what it’s all about! Makes life a lot happier.’

‘A truly life awakening experience.’

‘Innovative, challenging, responsive, reconstructive, affirming.’

Events in my life over the past few years seem to have been telling me it’s time for change and to reconnect with my true life path.  However it can be so difficult to see where that path lies, to strip away all the experiences and conditioning that have led me to where I am today and get back to what really matters to me.

I found the HTP workshops really helpful in giving me the opportunity to reassess where I’ve come from, where I am now and where I want to go from here.  The focus on the combination of mind, body and spirit was really empowering; it was good to look at my situation from many different angles, all in the safe and supportive atmosphere of the group.  I learned a lot about myself and gained some new perspectives and lots of inspiration for the future.

“I was ‘off’/detached from my (life awareness) path when I started and now I feel that I have found it again.”

‘What I found really helpful from the sessions was the sharing and group work discussions. That not only helped see things about me more clearly but also other people’s perceptions and issues and that we can all share. So much can be found in yoga, it is just how we express and label it that is really helpful to be able to badge things differently so this is accessible to as many people as possible.

I love chakra work as I  believe it and physically feel it. The astrology side is relatively new to me but I find it fascinating and, joined with the elements, works for me as it reminds us we are interconnected and part of nature. It all helped me to realise that nothing really matters that much to get myself in a tizzy.’

P.W. Yoga Teacher

‘I feel I can be ME!’                                                        A.G. Oakwood

‘I feel so much stronger, I can see now that part of me that is “Alan Sugar”, and enjoy it!’                                                                                            L.F. Allestree


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