To our Lithuanian friends,

Thank you all so much for your warm and generous hospitality. It was wonderful to work with you in Vilnius.

If you have a photograph you would like to share of the event please do email you picture to

Please find lots of resources below and enjoy my website and blog here and Jill’s website and news.

2) Powerpoint for Day 3


3) Dual Awareness handout

Dual Awareness

4) And a questionnaire for assessing your own potential vicarious traumatisation.
5) Recommended books
The three books I recommended were:
The Body Remembers   Babette Rothschild
Help for the Helper   Babette Rothschild
and anything by Peter Levine.
 IMG_3007 IMG_3006
6)  When I mentioned the positive changes people report following Post Traumatic experience (Post Traumatic Growth) I said that these matched the top 5 regrets of the dying.
These regrets are
You can read more about this here.
Please do contact us if you have any questions – we are happy to hear from any students, you can email us privately or use the comments boxes below to discuss issues on this page.

For further information:

Miriam Grace Granthier          Jillian Schofield

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Discussion on how we incorporate pre-pscyhoanalytic theory into our approaches is also available on our websites and in our workbook.


It was lovely to meet with you all, thank you for being so patient and open minded.
Best Wishes,
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