The Mid-Life Awakening course is designed for both Personal and Professional Development, so that therapists in one discipline will be able to follow a route to qualify as an HTP practitioner themselves. The existing course is a foundation year and covers those who study for personal reasons with those who may also have a professional interest.

Please enquire individually if you might want to go on to train as a practitioner.


Miriam Grace (Granthier)

Miriam’s experience is primarily in psychotherapy, she has worked as a psychotherapist for 25 years, completing several in depth trainings in psychological therapies. She has also worked with the body-mind link in psychotherapy for some time and added to her knowledge throughout her career through various trainings in body therapy, and more recently has become a student of Zero Balancing and Kinesiology.

Miriam is a Reiki healer and has a Certificate in Therapeutic Touch from the 1980s! She has explored spirituality through many different channels from an early age and is currently studying psychosynthesis (a spiritual approach to psychotherapy) and meditation.

Miriam has taught at local Universities, in Humanistic Counselling, Integrativie Therapy and also on online courses, teaching supervision and CBT. She has run training sessions and workshops for various centres around the UK over the last 25 years. HTP is her passion arising from her belief that one size does not fit all and that client-centered process is much more than a type of therapy. She has been researching and writing about the Human Trinity Principles for a year. For a full list of her qualifications click here and for more about her professional experience click here.


Jillian has all the experience necessary to be an advisor to this course. She co-authored Life Awakening The Workbook. Jillian is director of Soulistic Therapy and she specialises as a Learning and Teaching Advisor for lecturers in Universities. Jill is experienced in writing, programme leading, lecturing, validating and accrediting psychotherapy courses and trainings at University Masters level and has completed three Masters level trainings in psychotherapy herself. She has written and run online university training and is currently using her skills to put HTP into a structure that is accessible to students, as well as bearing in mind future validation and accreditation criteria.

In additional to her psychotherapy background, Jill is a qualified Energy Healer, Reiki Healer and is also trained in Shamanic Healing. She has a long time interest in the role the body plays (or doesn’t) in psychotherapy and has conducted advanced research into this area. She is a student of Kinesiology and qualified in Animal Assisted therapy. For more information on Jillian’s professional journey and qualifications click here.



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