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Life Awakenings Review with the Human Trinity Principles

 Pre-order your personally signed copy of Mid Life Awakening with the Human Trinity Principles.


 This book shows you how to use the Human Trinity Principles (HTP) to chart your own destiny and then fulfill it.

From researching and charting your Birth Gifts, journaling your Life Patterns and Themes and assessing your current Now experiences you will be guided through the process of an HTP assessment which you can undertake at home or in conjunction with an HTP workshop or therapy programme.

Section 1: The Human Trinity Principles are outlined, and the importance of a Mind-Body-Spirit framework explained, including the unique HTP concepts of  The Triquetra Human Trinity Model, The Three Wells of Well-Being, Inner Strengthening, The Viewing Platform, The Infinity Field, Life Purpose Regulation, Birth Gifts and the Inner Voice.

Section 2 : A step-by-step guide to the Soulistic Life Review with interactive charts and input from you.

Section 3: Shows with case studies and personal stories how to implement the review into an action plan so that your life plan is informed by your soulistic HTP life review.

   1  Course Member Option:

Sign up for our COMPLETELY FREE e-learning course via our website and YouTube channel, and get all the materials, worksheets, PDFs, Video Clips and follow up emails for free. You will have access to our facebook page where you can ask for help and have questions answered. You will be able to connect with a community of people all working through the course. For our first intake we will also be offering free feedback if you send your charts into us. The course is in 10 modules and is sent to you two modules at a time. You will work at your own pace and can take a couple of weeks or a year to complete your Life Review. Cost £0.00. (It is recommended but not essential that you have a copy of the course book, £15 to undertake the programme.)


   2 Bronze Membership Option:

Signal to yourself that you are going to give yourself the gift of this course by signing up to the course with all the benefits listed in the option above. The Bronze Membership includes a spiral bound A4 workbook with your name and choice of cover picture. (It is recommended but not essential that you also have a copy of the course book, £15 to undertake the programme.) Cost £15. Set your focus with this special book.


   3 Silver Membership Option:

You can buy the Silver Membership, which includes the course as above, the Spiral bound notebook (worth £15) and an individual session to go over the work materials with you. (It is recommended but not essential that you have a copy of the course book, £15 to undertake the programme.) Cost £68.


   4 Gold Membership Option:

Free online material, emails, PDF files, video clips, the full course.

Bound Personalised A4 Workbook (worth £15)

Certificate in Human Trinity Principles on completion of Study (pre requisite for studying towards the Diploma or Practitioner Qualifications. (It is recommended but not essential that you have a copy of the course book, £15 to undertake the programme.)

10 monthly workshop days with fellow travellers on the journey and two experienced HTP practitioners and therapists. £75 per month. (5 payments and you only need commit for 2 months at a time)




Get your free study materials now! (worth £55). You can follow this ground breaking Life Awakening Review for FREE with e-learning study materials including video clips. You can study at your own pace. Fill out the form below.




All forms received before 1st January 2014 will be entered into the Prize Draw with SEVEN chances to win valuable prizes:


1st Prize: Individual session with an HTP Therapist (worth £55)

2nd Prize: Beautiful Spiral Bound HTP Life Awakening Workbook (worth £15)

3rd  Prizes: 5 signed copies of Life Awakening with the Human Trinity Principles book. (Worth £15).


Winners who have already purchased something they win as a prize will have the cost fully refunded to them! Prizes are also transferable to a friend and sessions may be taken via Skpe or face to face.


Entry Criteria, please complete the form below and return before 2014.






Life Awakenings Review with the Human Trinity Principles


     ORDER FORM   









I would like to undertake the free e-learning course.



I have clicked ‘like’ on the HTP Facebook page to support my work on this course.



I would like to buy a signed copy of the book at £15



I would like Bronze membership of the course £15

(E-learning Course and Workbook)



I would like Silver membership of the course. £68

(Course, Workbook and Individual Session with an HTP therapist)



I would like Gold membership of the course £150 deposit for the first two months of modules and workshops.

(Course, Workbook and 10 x Monthly Workshops (no group or payment in July & August) with a small group and two HTP therapists).




I enclose payment if appropriate.








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