Where there are unresolved conflicts within teams, work is less efficient and absenteeism is higher.

Blue Skies believes that the skills and values of psychotherapy increase effectiveness and add depth and safety to the team-building and training work they do and that the benefits for the client are long lasting.

As an experienced psychotherapist and group worker Miriam Granthier has been invited to apply her skills to teams and organisations within the Voluntary Sector, Social Services and the Health Service offering training in inter-personal interaction, group dynamics and conflict resolution.

“your great skill, gentleness and sensitivity was most helpful in bringing out the worries and the positiveness in the team.” from an evaluation form.




Conflict resolution

Conflict and disagreement are a normal part of team work, most particularly in innovative and talented teams. Miriam does not aim to eliminate conflict but to equip a team with skills to feel confident in their ability to process conflict.

Gestalt in organisations: A creative and dynamic approach

The Gestalt perspective which is central to Miriam’s approach is of particular benefit to those working with people, managers, personnel teams, health professionals, social workers etc. It also benefits those in creative, dynamic teams.

Results: Our clients ask us back!

“Brilliant job! I felt so relieved and so much more hopeful for our [team’s] future together. Thank you so very much!” from an evaluation form.

Evaluation and follow up are part of the service and are there to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Blue Skies runs and hosts seminars and workshops for health workers, social workers and therapists (See this season’s Workshops & Training). If you see something there you want why not ask us to adapt it for your needs? If you have a specialist interest, let us know, we probably have the trainer for you.

Associate Specialisms

Blue Skies works primarily from a psychotherapeutic inter-personal dynamics perspective in the people industries. We are excited to include associates from a different backgrounds offering specialisms and a different perspective. (see About Us).