I continuing to work via Zoom and am now able to offer face to face therapy in Derbyshire.

Fees are £60 per 55 minute session until the end of March 2024. There remains one reduced space at £20 fortnightly which is already taken. If you think that you might need a concessionary rate due to your financial circumstances, please let me know.
My fees were £60 per hour back in 2013 – 2020 due to my length of experience and seniority as a trainer, supervisor and course director. In 2020 I temporarily reduced my therapy fees to £55 per hour due to the pandemic. My New Fee Structure from APRIL 2024 can be found here


Do let me know if there are any more resources I can make available to you. And do update me if you find any links don’t work.


My latest Blue Skies Video:
The Paradoxical Theory of Change:

MANAGING EMOTIONS 1  Do you have your emotions or do your emotions have you? In this video Miriam gently reminds you to see your emotions as part of you. You are encouraged to notice your feelings, your thinkings and your behavings as part of the bigger picture. This process acknowledges how you feel as valid, while also allowing what you think to be accessed. Miriam’s video encourages new behavioural responses, including self compassion, to your emotions to be developed.

• I am I – meditation by Will Parfitt read by Miriam Grace  – 6:30 mins

I am I – meditation by Will Parfitt read by Miriam Grace  – 1.30 mins

Sohum – conversation and meditation with Phillipa and Miriam Grace  – 23 mins

Tending to Your Sore Heart – meditation by Miriam Grace – 28 minutes

• First Aid for Panic (OMG) – Sample by Miriam Grace – 3.30 mins

• Managing Panic / Dual Awareness Protocol Sample by Miriam Grace – 8:30 mins

• Relaxation to use before your session begins – 10 mins

• Short relaxation to use before your session begins 3 mins

• Relaxation to use after your session – 10 mins

• You can also find videos I’ve made for students at Sheffield Hallam University HERE
They cover SAD, Panic, Sleep and Perfectionism. My latest is about LGBTQIA Identity at University.

Emotional Regulation Training / Breaking Emotional Habits – Workout created by Miriam Grace 30 mins
This one is to be done with my recommendation for you individually. It’s quite powerful. If you’re not sure if you’re ready email me first. My Nourish & Nurture Group and my Life After Love group have the go-ahead.
Counsellors and therapists go ahead, if you use this method with clients I’d appreciate being  referenced. Thank you. If you want to see the basis of this original creation of mine, no idea is unique, please look at the work of Manfred Clynes here
Do the ‘workout’ very lightly to begin with – don’t ‘try’ and don’t push, skip some steps as you wish but allow your mind to get used to the idea of doing those steps as time goes on. Eventually you’ll be able to go through the whole thing in your own mind less than 10 minutes.


The Gestalt Cycle:

I did this recording for my group where we are looking at ‘shoulds’ this week ,but looking at shoulds is an exercise I do with most clients too so you might like to see this video which focuses on the beginning of the cycle which my N&N group study over the winter.

Safe Uncertainty

I also did this for my group and I quite like the model for older women too.

coming soon…
box breathing
triangle breathing
final chapter trauma technique
attention to feet
Just B Meditation
Blank Slate meditation



Ex-clients never have to go on the waiting list, just email if your circumstances change and you feel a need to return for a few sessions.

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You can be part of my Women’s Wintering Support Group October – March – click to see 2 min video
More details, reviews and information here. 

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Welcome, I’m excited to begin work and to get to know you.

Welcome – 2 minute video

Making a client ‘contract’ – 2 minute video

How does therapy work? – 2 minute video

Copy of Contract

Copy of Registration Form

Preparing For Your Online Session

Digital Policy in full



Coming Out & Beyond: LGBTQIA+ Stories + Support Season 2
click on this title to listen

Miriam Grace, Psychotherapist, Writer, Supervisor, and Lecturer, works remotely from her home in Sheffield, UK. She has been in practice for over 30 years and her current research and writing focuses on women in midlife transitions, which include sexuality; health, disability and ageing; menopause; caring for elderly parents; career and confidence; divorce and heartbreak; empty nest syndrome and living with teenagers.

Her enthusiasm, care, and knowledge for clients and students is appreciated by many in individual sessions, groups, workshops, and coaching. Her specialisms are trauma, relationships, and women coming out later in life. For more details of Miriam’s professional story or training qualifications and accreditations see Miriam Grace or her home page

Let’s Talk

I’ve a new series in creation about changing identity for women. Discussion topics will cover disability and illness, menopause, motherhood, empty nest syndrome, divorce, change in sexuality, career changes and retirement, heartbreak, caring for elderly parents and or other adults. If you’ve any topic suggestions please let me know. I want to explore the psychological implications of growing up in a world steeped in sexism and expectations and the impact on the lives of women born between the 1950 and 1999.

This year’s Nourish & Nurture, Women’s Wintering Group will run from Saturday 23rd October, daily with a weekly Zoom, until Sunday 27th March. Last year I ran a free taster week and will probably run another one in October.


We are affected by what is going on within us, what is going on around us and what is going on within the other person.

With significant changes in our environment and ways of connecting with others in the last year, how can the body intelligence and wisdom approach taught by Imogen and Miriam on their workshops be used in new ways to support ourselves and those we work with?

My FREE chats with Imogen are on youtube now 




How do I book a session?
At the moment, due to me being full, please email me to book a session and I will book you in.

How do I pay for a session?
Go to your Acuity booking email and find the blue box that says ‘Cancel / Reschedule / Pay’.
It really should say ‘pay’ in this box too, because once you click on it you can pay. If you’ve paid once before you can pay very quickly on the same card as last time.

How do I cancel a session?
Go to your Acuity booking email and find the blue box that says ‘Cancel / Reschedule appt’.

Do I have to pay if I don’t attend?
With enough notice you can reschedule your appointment as above. I will try and reschedule if I can at shorter notice but if this is not possible it will count as a cancelled / payable session.