I find that one of the hardest aspects of bereavement for people, is being met with a lack of understanding. Our culture does not prepare us for the intense feelings or reactions we may have and we can end up feeling as if there is something wrong with us, when there isn’t.  Get help now or read on.

Each person’s experience is different, some of your feelings or reactions may be different to to what you expected, you will certainly find that the allocated time off work, or time when people might be more understanding, is not the time it takes to grieve.

1379295_576698839034141_1441612258_nTherapy can be helpful to have a space to talk about your loved one, when everyone else seems to have forgotten your loss. It can help with stuck feelings, anger, guilt, relief, desperation and longing. Some bereavements are traumatic and sudden, others leave complications behind that interrupt the grieving. Therapy won’t take away the pain, but should help you feel confident about managing it and feel you have the right to grieve in your own way in your own time.

For now, know that your feelings and experiences are valid and, most likely, quite normal. If you want to talk to somebody as well, then do contact Miriam at Blue Skies.

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