Those who have been abused as children will carry the emotional scars into adult hood. While the actual trauma of abuse is difficult, one of the reasons the problems remain is because often the victim has had no one to support them, to believe them and to help them know that the abuse was not their fault.

Healing from abuse is possible with a trained listener. So that the wounds can heal over. We are always shaped by our history but Miriam aims to work with clients so that this history doesn’t affect the client’s present life and future with fear, guilt and shame. Get help now or read on.

Witnessing abuse, supporting children or a partner who has been abused or being part of an abusive system or family, is also stressful and difficult and you may benefit from talking to someone yourself if you are in this position. Above all remember that the person who was abused should not have had their trust broken and this was not their fault. Be patient with their responses and behaviours to situations. Understand that they are often responding to a memory triggered as well as the current situation. Your friend will be able to recover and heal with support. Do contact Miriam at Blue Skies if you would like to arrange an appointment.