4th International Body-Mind Workshop

with Imogen Ragone and Miriam Grace

This workshop series offers personal and professional development for Therapists, Counselors, Alexander Technique Teachers, Somatic Educators, Bodyworkers and others in related fields. CPD training hours.

We are affected by what is going on within us, what is going on around us and what is going on within the other person.

With significant changes in our environment and ways of connecting with others in the last year, how can the body intelligence and wisdom approach taught by Imogen and Miriam on their workshops be used in new ways to support ourselves and those we work with?

The Emotional Body Workshop is our fourth international body-mind training. This time we will be meeting virtually over four sessions. We will explore self-awareness, the body in the virtual world, and the strategies we use for both of those, including self-care and minimizing vicarious traumatization from pandemic experiences.

We aim to introduce simple takeaway exercises that can be learned and practised over the month of June to restore a sense of calm awareness and flexible responsiveness In times of change and challenge.

The Emotional Body workshop explores an awareness of emotion within our own bodies, awareness of emotion within our clients’ bodies, and the impact of the healing relationship upon the emotional body of both helper and client within the following four sessions:

June 7, 2021: 11am – 12:30pm US Eastern Time  / 4 – 5.30pm UK
 (Click here to find your time zone)
The Wise Body: Self care and body awareness

June 14, 2021: 11am – 12:30pm US Eastern Time  / 4 – 5.30pm UK
Is Any BODY There?: Working in a virtual world

June 21, 2021: 11am – 12:30pm US Eastern Time  / 4 – 5.30pm UK
Traumatization: The body during a pandemic

June 28, 2021: 11am – 12:30pm US Eastern Time  / 4 – 5.30pm UK
Breathe…Out: Letting go and letting be

As we develop the content, these may be subject to minor change. 

Our workshops are fun and involve experiential exercises, a little movement, discussions, and even some time away from the screen as we center on self awareness and discovery.

The underpinning theory that our work draws on will be referenced and supported with reading materials, but the learning format is not seminar based.

As always, we will adjust the content to meet the interests and concerns of the group.

Cost:  £150 (approx. $210 USD)


£99 individual (approx. $140 USD) – Coupon Code: EARLYBIRD

£115 organisation (approx. $160 USD) – Coupon Code EARLYBIRDORG


About your trainers:

Imogen Ragone from BodyIntelligence and Miriam Grace from Blue Skies Psychotherapy

Imogen Ragone has been a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique for 15 years. She has developed her own approach, BodyIntelligence, which emphasizes an embodied mindfulness that can be applied to all sorts of activities and situations – life, in fact! Imogen lives in the US and has been successfully working with clients online, both individually and in groups, since 2014. 


Miriam Grace is a Psychotherapist with over 30 years experience. Her training in Gestalt introduced her to body psychotherapy and she has since undertaken further training in somatics, movement and body work therapy. She is currently working from the UK via video link and exploring body based interaction and relating via this new medium.



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