Blue Skies Philosophy

 Collaboration • Contact • Clarity • Connection • Communication

Blue Skies Quality

The key objective in forming Blue Skies was to promote and provide access to quality psychotherapy, training workshops, life coaching and personal development in the Midlands. Blue Skies aims to enhance personal and spiritual well-being for individuals and communities through intelligent, professional and informed practice.

Quality, safety and responsibility are a priority to Blue Skies. All work undertaken by Blue Skies will meet with, and aim to exceed, the standards set out by the BACP and UKCP codes of ethics.

Based on a Humanistic, Holistic philosophy and perceiving people as wholes rather than parts, Blue Skies works from an non-exploitative, non-oppressive basis, with Person-Centred values and incorporating therapy and practice from Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, Psychodynamic therapy and Cognitive Behavioural and Integrative disciplines.

The quality of Blue Skies is underpinned by principles of : Collaboration;  Contact and  Clarity; Connection and Communication.


Blue Skies believes that both people and their circumstances are unique. Whether for an individual or organisation this uniqueness is valued and an approach that works for them is developed around this.

We work without judging, through understanding. Valuing the whole person, their ways of coping, their difficulties and their energy and passions. Therapy is always a collaborative piece of work and a broad discipline which can cover individual counselling or working with a team to improve communication.

Contact & Clarity

We aim to help the client gain contact with themselves, their creativity, their dreams, talents, their feelings and their knowing of their experience whatever that is. Blue Skies has a philosophy of raising awareness to empower the client in making choices. Out of this arises a truth and a clarity.

Connection & Communication

Clients can expect that we will work openly and authentically in relationship with them. Communicating effectively first with ourselves and then with each other can bring about lasting positive change for ourselves and our communities.

Communication begins with self awareness and observation . Before we can take action we need to gain this connection with ourselves to begin to communicate this awareness to others. Blue Skies aims to model a process of clear communication in the way it works with clients.

Experimentation, looking at options, and regular evaluation and review of results are all ways that Blue Skies uses to ensure the quality of their service.

Collaboration • Contact • Clarity • Connection • Communication