Fees are reviewed annually on 1st of April.

Individual Psychotherapy
(55 minutes)
£60 per session
Life Coaching
(55 minutes)
£60 per session
(55 minutes)
£60 per session
Group Psychotherapy
(120 minutes)
£35 per session
Couples Therapy
(90 minutes)
£90 per session
Letters to doctors/solicitors etc. £90
Detailed written reports for solicitors etc. £500
In-House Training either £15 per person
or £150 per hour
Plus travel and accommodation expenses if appropriate
Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Zero Balancing, Spiritual Counselling, currently £20 for half an hour or £30 for a combination of two disciplines for one hour.
Workshops 1 day £90
Workshops 2 day £175
Half day seminar £60
Evening Talk £35

All sessions are 55 mins, group 120 mins, couples 90 mins.

There are significant discounts available for early bookings. Please call or email for more details.

Cancelled sessions incur the full fee.

Fees are reviewed annually on 1st of April.