Name: Miriam Grace Granthier              Date of Birth: 14.7.65


Address:                                                      Telephone: 01332 559668

31 Hollies Road,

Derby, DE22 2HX.                                     E-mail:


Nationality: British                                     Website:




UKCP Registered Psychotherapist       September 2002

BACP Senior Accredited Counsellor     March 2001 (Senior in 2007)

BACP Senior Accredited Supervisor      October 2001 (Senior in 2007)




Diploma Person Centred Counselling September 1990 – June 1993

With a specialist focus on Bereavement and Loss

at the Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute (SPTI), Nottingham.

Qualified: June 1993 (Distinction)


Diploma in Clinical Supervision

SPTI, Nottingham                          September 1993 – June 1995

Completed: June 1995


Post-Graduate Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy

SPTI, Nottingham                          January 1990 – March 1995  

          Qualified: June 2002  (Distinction)


Master of Arts in Humanistic Psychotherapy

SPTI, Nottingham & Derby University   September 2003 – July 2004  

          Qualified: November 2004  (Merit)


Certificate in Life Coaching       

Newcastle College, accredited by NCFE      May-October 2005

Qualified: October 2005


Certificate in Psychosynthesis for Personal & Professional Development 

Avalon Psychosynthesis,

Glastonbury                                    June 2012 – December 2014

Completed: December 2014



Psychotherapist in Private Practice 1990 – 2016 (26 years)



BSc in Counselling and Psychotherapy Principles and Practice

University of Derby 2015 -2016

Designed, collaborated, wrote and took to validation


Post Graduate Diploma in the Psychotherapy of Trauma

University of Derby 2015

Designed, collaborated, wrote and took to validation


Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Supervision

University of Derby Online 2012 -2013

Course Tutor


Foundations of Supervisory Practice

University of Derby Online 2012 -2013

Course Tutor


Supervisory Practice Within Organisations

University of Derby Online 2012 -2013

Course Tutor


Developing Supervisory Practice

University of Derby Online 2012 -2013

Course Tutor


Assessment in Cognitive Behavioural Practice

University of Derby Online 2012 -2013

Course Tutor


Independent Studies PG level 7

University of Derby Online 2012 -2013

Supervisor, marker, moderator of dissertations (mental health subjects)


Diploma in Humanistic Counselling

University of Nottingham 2005 -2006

Course Tutor


Treatment of Trauma

University of Vilnius, Lithuania 2015

Visiting lecturer for 3 day workshop


Working with Borderline Process

University of Derby – MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy 2013

Visiting lecturer for 1 day workshop



Scarborough Psychotherapy Training Institute 2012

Visiting lecturer for 2 day workshop co-run with Tim Carrette



Awakening Retreat 2015

Therapist for a 3 day themed group therapy residential in the Cotswolds


Love 2015

Creator and facilitator 1 Day Group Workshop, Derby


Happiness 2015

Creator and facilitator 1 Day Group Workshop, Derby


Body- Mind Workshops 2013 – 2014

Created and run with Alexander Teacher, Imogen Ragone

2 x 1 day workshops, Woodlands Centre, Derby


Life Awakening 2014

Original workshops co-facilitated with Jillian Schofield

10 x 1 day workshops, 2 x follow up days, 1 x introductory day

200 page workbook developed and published from this concept


Derby Talks 2013

Guest speaker introducing the Life Awakening concept


Sexuality 2012

2 day workshop in Wirksworth co-run with Tim Carrette


Group Dynamics, Communication, Team Building

Royal Derby Hospital Chaplaincy Service 2004 -2005

Visiting group facilitator for 2 x 3 day workshops


Counselling, Advanced Counselling, Sexual Abuse

Derby Rape Crisis 1990 – 1998

Volunteer co-ordinator and trainer

Ran volunteer training, later supervised others to run the training. Wrote, recruited, delivered 12 week courses including Asian Women’s Training


Love, Sex and Relationships  1996

2 day workshop in Nottingham at SPTI co-run with Tim Carrette


Anger 1996

2 day workshop in Nottingham at SPTI co-run with Tim Carrette


Breathing Space in Your Work with Sexual Abuse 1993 -1994

2 day workshop Nottingham Social Services co-run with Jane Masters

2 day workshop Derby Women’s Centre co-run with Jane Masters


Welcoming the Goddess  1993

2 x 2 day workshops Derby Women’s Centre co-run with Deborah Short

2 hour workshop at the Women and Mental Health Conference, Nottingham


Counselling Skills, Sexual Abuse, Telephone Counselling, Self Care

Cambridge Rape Crisis 1992 – 1994

Visiting trainer for several 2 day workshops




Individuals (including children)

Private practice

Derby Rape Crisis

Derby Alcohol Problems Advisory Service

EAP work

Core Assets Family Therapy



Private practice


Co-working with Peter Fantini, Andy Fookes, Mike Talbot



2 year weekly women’s therapy group with Deborah Short

4 year weekly therapy group solo facilitator

2 year weekly therapy group with Tim Carette

Weekend therapy groups solo, with Tim and with Deb


Weekly Laughter Yoga Group 2013 – 2014, Derby

Inner Voice Meditation Group 2012 – 2014, Derby

Millennium Mothers Group – 2000, Derby


working in hospitals in multi disciplinary settings with psychiatric care



Groups and individuals in



private practice

prison service

Social Services


domestic violence refuge

other voluntary sector

Academic supervision

Currently supervisor for all crisis workers and advocacy staff at SV2 (formerly Derbyshire Rape Crisis)
















Personal Therapy 1988 – 2016

approx. 14 years various orientations (group & individual)


Further Training:


Zero Balancing UK: Currently in on-going training



•           Dr Richard Erskine Integrative Psychotherapy

96 hours


•           Day seminars including, Lynne Jacobs, Susie Orbach, Gary Yontef



Selection of Recent Workshops Attended:


Working with LGBT*Q Clients

WPP, Cardiff, April 2016 (2 days)


Hypnotherapy (BACP Endorsed Training)

NLP Vision, Leicester, January 2015 (3 days)


Personality Disorders with Dr. Elinor Greenberg

WPP, Cardiff, July 2013 (3 days)


Writers Workshop with the British Gestalt Journal 

Nottingham University, June 2013 (3 days)


The Somatic Body

London, October 2012


CBT Interventions for Trauma

Nottingham Centre for Trauma Studies, July 2012


Infant Movement Development & Authentic Movement

Institute for Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy, London, May 2012


Working with Attachment Disorders

Child Centre for Metal Health, London, January 2012


Andrew Samuels UKCP Chair: “It’s all about the relationship…”

Derby, October 2011






I consider myself to be a writer and to have excellent written and oral communication skills. I have an A level in English Literature and previous work in typesetting, proof-reading, editing and journalism. I am an experienced public speaker and have a good level of research skills.


My business skills are many and varied: accounts and book keeping; record keeping; confidentiality and data protection; keeping insurance and memberships renewed; appointment and diary management; writing references and solicitors reports; issuing invoices; responding to emails and telephone enquiries; attending meetings with other professionals and organisations for whom or with whom I work.


My IT skills mean I use Skype and email for supervision and therapy, attend meetings online, update my own website, produce you tube clips, blog on the topic of therapy and mental health, use online diary, excel, word, email on a daily basis. I am comfortable with social media for example, I have a therapy facebook page, use Hootsuite, Twitter, Word Press and Mailchimp.


I am a car owner with a clean licence since 1985.



Life Awakening The Workbook   2014  (from a series of workshops I authored)


















I believe I have the experience, knowledge, maturity and personality to make me a valued colleague and an inspirational and informative clinician and lecturer. It is a great pleasure for me to work alongside people who hold the values of psychotherapy dear and who welcome open-minded exploration of the field.


In my recent work creating a BSc in psychotherapy, I was the principal writer of the programme, module specifications and currently lesson plans, though I did this in collaboration by meeting with other staff. My role has also included interviewing students, writing, marketing and attending validation events. We received many commendations at validation for innovation, passion and creative teaching approaches.


I want students to feel as passionate about psychotherapy as I do. I began my own training in 1988 and undergone several in depth trainings and qualifications myself, with ongoing personal therapy, clinical supervision and CPD. I have emerged from this process with a breadth of knowledge and experience that has taken nearly 3 decades to amass and a belief that acceptance and compassion are not only profoundly healing but radically political. The therapeutic relationship is all about meeting and accepting ‘otherness’ and supporting a person to become authentic, unique and accepting or compassionate towards their own self. Thus self-reflection in my students, clients, my supervisees and myself is crucial. As such I have designed new, creative approaches to learning therapy which come from a diversity aware /self-reflective debate stance, teaching critically evaluative rigour within trainees from the outset. I model this questioning myself and believe myself to be reflective and responsible in adopting theory or pedagogy only through questioning, research and my own and colleagues’ experience.


I am experienced at marking and moderating assignments, including those undertaking level 7 Independent Studies dissertations. Work at University of Derby online required a high level of IT skill and confidence as well as learning new skills, some of which can be used innovatively in other settings. At Nottingham University, I taught students in Humanistic Psychotherapy theory and skills and I wrote lesson plans, assessed essays and student presentations, undertook student tutorials as well as running group process. I have been a supervisor since 1994 and run supervision groups and see individual supervisees, many of who are students. I have specialist training in groups, couples, and supervision which I use in my teaching work.


I have worked in private practice for 26 years, working with individuals, couples, families and groups and run workshops at conferences in the UK and abroad. My client group has been diverse and multi-cultural. I have also worked for CORE Assets with families and young people. I am a founding member of the International Gestalt Special Interest in Gender and Sexual Diversity Group.





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