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October 2013

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from Miriam (Director) and Loui (Admin) at Blue Skies!

Our newsletters keep you informed of events, opportunities and changes at Blue Skies. We want to support people and it doesn’t stop at individual sessions of coaching, therapy or supervision. We have both been working on adding more service, encouragement and inspiration through the website and social media so that you, your friends and family, and people who have finished therapy, or who cannot afford it in the first place, can access information and support, free of charge, in between sessions, or in the absence of sessions.

Sign up this month for Miriam’s Day of Gestalt Training and receive an early bird price of £70 for the whole day. Details of Laughter and Happiness sessions, Meditation Group and Psychotherapy services are also given here, as well as early notice of the Human Trinity Principles talk in just 5 weeks time, to launch the new self help course and book starting 2014.

You can also read about Miriam’s Radio Interview, read a report of the Body Mind Workshop this summer and get insight into the new materials being written and recorded for Human Trinity Principles.

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Miriam (Director)                               &  Loui (Admin)

Hello to you all!

My purpose is to support people to live happier and more fulfilled lives through understanding themselves with intelligent compassion and acceptance. My work as a counsellor began 25 years ago and I set up practice as a psychotherapist in 1990! I’ve changed since then, through the life changing meetings I have had with clients and my own therapists. I had ten years core training but have never stopped continuing to go on workshops and to read, learn and study more. I am currently training in Body Work and in Psychosynthesis. For an update on my training and qualifications click here.

I have been drawn to develop and write about psychotherapy. I have developed a combined or integrated therapy, calling it Human Trinity Psychotherapy (HTP). This is the basis of the book I am writing and the workshops I have run and the research and work I have been doing with colleagues. I will be giving a free (donation) talk at Derby Talks in December. See this newsletter or website for more details.

HTP is right on track for me with my purpose and fulfilment in my life and development. I am writing the book, doing the trial groups, co-writing with colleagues, discussing, researching and reading, as well as updating my website and profile in line with my own development as a therapist. I hope one day the book and study materials will help many more people achieve fulfilment and joy.

I thank each one of you for teaching me about human resilience and spirit.


Miriam Granthier MA

UKCP Registered Psychotherapist

BACP Senior Accredited Counsellor & Supervisor

 Events and Opportunities


 Laughter Yoga and Happiness Group

Miriam’s weekly Happiness Group runs every Monday morning in Allestreee £5 per session, and YES, there is a session at half term so all of you who work in or attend schools can come along.

Why not start the week off with a supercharged injection of endorphins and oxygen?

Miriam’s Laughter Yoga Radio Interview on Radio Derby listen here!

All welcome.


Classes at The Evergreen Club, Cornhill, Allestree, DERBY, DE22 2FT. 9.00am (registration) 9.15 – 10am. Tea, coffee afterwards.

For Venue information click here.  Click here to find out more about the physical and psychological benefits of LY.

• Inner Voice Meditation Group


Based on the principles of HTP, a body, mind and spirit based psychotherapy, the Inner Voice group is to encourage people to develop their connection with their Inner Voice, and the wisdom of their heart, mind and body in a group of like minded others, through meditation, discussion, metaphor, image etc.

Everyone welcome (although not suitable if you are currently in therapy with a member of this group, including Miriam). Come whichever Friday you’re free.   The first session is free, and £3 after that. It’s pay as you go and no commitment. The venue is rotated at members houses, so please email to find out where the group is for the next few weeks. More details here.

If you can’t make the group for now you can join our new Inner Voice Facebook page to find out what is going on and join discussions, (this is different to the Blue Skies Facebook page).


• Gestalt Training       30th November

Once a term, Miriam will be running training to enhance the skills of therapists and trainee therapists using Gestalt theory and practice. These will be fun, experiential days of CPD and aim to complement the training of those not trained in Gestalt. Each day works as a stand alone day or part of a series of 3. See Events.


• Human Trinity Psychotherapy at Derby Talks

Human Trinity Psychotherapy

A Soulistic Therapy for the 21st Century


Miriam is giving her first public presentation of HTP here in Derby on Tuesday 3rd  December! Please feel free to come along, especially if you are interested in the Principles training in January, it might help you decide if you want to pursue this framework yourself either as a therapist or a client. For more details go to the Derby Talks Website.



• Human Trinity Principles

FREE on-line Mid-Life Awakenings Life Review Course 

From January 1st the e-learning Life Review course will be available to all who sign up. It will consist of video clips, worksheets and information. It is FREE and you can sign up now to undertake this life changing and unique course by filling out this form. The product is unique and property of Human Trinity Principles. For more information visit the HTP webpage.


• Human Trinity Principles Introduction Day  

    January 11 2014

Human Trinity Psychotherapy

A Soulistic Therapy for the 21st Century


For anyone curious about HTP this day course outlines the Principles. For those wishing to go on to gain the certificate or a diploma this would be the opening requirement. It is also an interesting and fun day for anyone interested in what makes them tick. More details will be available on the website very soon. Material is still in the process of being edited and for the videos we still need a bit of technical support while learning ourselves! We plan to make the video clips and PDF files free to your for home study, yes that’s right a course to enhance and guide you through your life for FREE! Group days and the book itself will cost.

Previous Events

International Body-Mind Workshop 


Imogen Ragone (Alexander Technique Teacher) and Miriam Granthier (UKCP reg Gestalt Psychotherapist, student of Zero Balancing) ran their unique workshop Saturday, 10th August 2013.  The workshop was fully booked. All enjoyed a fun experiential day, which incorporated the disciplines of Gestalt Psychotherapy and Alexander Technique. Blue Skies welcomed Imogen as a visiting trainer from Delaware, USA, and hope to offer a further workshop next summer for more details see our workshop programme.

Miriam and Imogen have worked together sharing commanalities from the Gestalt approaches to awareness and the approaches of Alexander technique. The founders of both approaches share similar influences and Imogen and Miriam’s development of this integration has deepened both practitioners’ approach.

Please see this blog on the psychological impact of Alexander Technique by one of Imogen’s students. Miriam also blogs about the importance of body and psychology and continues to enhance her body work training through study of Zero Balancing and Kinesiology.

For anyone interested further, you might like to read about the Reubenfeld Synergy Method which is developed by Ilana Reubenfeld as Gestaltist who gained so many ‘ah-has’ from Alexander Technique she combined them into one therapy combining touch and talking. Some clients talk about their experiences of this type of therapy on this video link.



Social media update


What we are doing

You may know that Blue Skies blog, tweet and have a business Facebook page and a Linkedin profile. We also have self help pages on the website. Miriam is in the process of adding video links to the self help pages and also setting up a You Tube Channel where people will be able to watch clips of Laughter Yoga, Human Trinity Principles in action and Self Help tips. There should be something to see by next month’s newsletter.

How it might help you

For some people it is good to have some support or encouragement in between therapy sessions and having articles to read, or a therapeutic presence online, can help people feel less isolated in the important, yet private, work they are undertaking.

The self help pages may help family members or friends support you better.

It is also a way of staying connected to your on-going personal development when you have left therapy, coaching or training. Blue Skies offers this free support as a follow up, as well as alongside, therapeutic support.

We really want to reach people regardless of their finances.

How it will help Miriam

Miriam wishes to be transparent about her reasons for this approach, and it is primarily to help others, however, it is also to help her with her book proposal being submitted to publishers in the New Year. As part of her desire to reach and help as many people as possible she is writing a self help book. These days, publishers want new authors to have an established ‘platform’. They want to know how many followers authors have on twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, how many people come to the workshops and so on.

So increased followers, means more people are reached, spread the word and feel more fulfilled and also means Miriam has a better platform for getting the book published and reaching even more people!

What you can do

If you think the benefits are mutual & if this is your comfort zone

(NOT if it’s not your thing).


• Like the Blue Skies Facebook page

• Like the Life Awakenings with the Human Trinity Principles Facebook Page

• Follow Miriam on Twitter  Miriam Granthier @MiriamBlueSkies

• Connect with Miriam on Linkedin

• Sign up to receive Blue Skies blog posts

• Encourage your friends to do the same through ‘sharing’, ‘liking’ and so on

• Use the website for the self help links for anxiety and so on, (check out the events pages, consider if you would like to come on a workshop)

• Make sure you are on my mailing list for newsletters

• Order a copy of the HTP  book or sign up for the course!

Holiday Dates: 

No Sessions:

Week beginning 23rd December 2013

Altered Session Times:

Week beginning 30th  December 2013


Fee Review:

From January 2013:



£50 pay-as-you-go cash / cheque each session

£155  x 12 months  by standing order

= 40 sessions @ £46.50

Other Fees:

£55 Supervision & Life Coaching

£80 Couples (85 minute sessions)

£75 Full day training

Your Changes:

For Clients:

When you change addresses please let me know – especially email addresses and phone numbers in case I have to cancel. If I have to take time off you will be informed by email and I don’t want you to be kept out of the loop. Your registration form is also useful if you are taken ill, so emergency professionals have the name of your doctor, medication and health.

Click on the links if you need a spare copy of the Registration Form or Contract.


For Colleagues, Friends, Supervisees:

Please let me know if you wish to keep in touch and receive newsletters never more than monthly.

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